I welcome people on appointment
at the following address :
Chemin de Barthe Cave 31570 Préserville
20 mn from Toulouse

06 09 22 17 73


At my place : 45 euros
I can come at your place
if you live around Toulouse : 49 euros

On saturday with Anna : 70 euros

I also help old animals
bringing up their general vigor, alleviating pains
such as osteoarthritis

I have been trained in Animal Communication

English spoken

Español hablado

I can alleviate

migraine, neuralgia, low back pain,
PMS, chronic pain, tendinitis,
inflammation, herpes zoster,
endometriosis pains, menopause problems;

I can help you heal some wounds, decongest,

lighten radiotherapy side effects;

I can reduce a feeling of malaise, of tiredness,
the sensation that you are not yourself anymore...

I work through direct contact

I also work remotely

Member of GNOMA
Groupement National
pour l'Organisation
des Médecines Alternatives

Site de la mairie
de Préserville
rubrique magnétisme

In the field of mediumnity combined with magnetic healing, in cooperation with Anna

we purify people and places
we alleviate parts of one's life